Tree Dance by Graham Ovenden

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Rebecca Dreaming at Coombe by Ann Arnolc

The Brotherhood of Ruralists was a group of artists exhibiting together between 1975 and 2007. Initially the group included Ann Arnold, Graham Arnold, Peter Blake, Jann Haworth, David Inshaw, Annie Ovenden, Graham Ovenden. Blake, Haworth and Inshaw left the group in the early 1980s. The remaining four artists continued to exhibit as a group, actively, for another 20 or so years (and were occasionally joined by Blake and Inshaw).

In 2007 a small exhibition of new work and some older chosen pieces was organised at Horsham in Surrey. This was the last exhibition that could be said to have been curated by the group. Subsequent exhibitions, such as the 2008 Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions at Southampton have included their work, ackowledging them as members of the group, and the artists continue to exhibit in solo shows and collaborations.

This website was set up, around the year 2000, and has been maintained with the encouragement and approval of the artists, but not managed by them. It originally served as a record of the 30 years that the group exhibited together and as a means of providing information about the current work of the artists.

However due to a shortage of time, the website manager is currently unable to maintain the site, so it is temporarily suspended. It is hoped that it will be relaunched at some point.



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